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Experience the bold innovation and superior design of Wega’s coffee machines.

We offer high-quality, technologically advanced coffee machines, with a brand created for and familiar to baristas who like to bring a touch of creativity and character to their work, while maintaining the maximum reliability that comes from know-how developed over the years.

We preserve the quality of espresso coffee, while respecting the consumer habits of the various countries, thus spreading a sense of tradition at its most authentic.

Our values



A tradition of innovation

What are the ingredients that blend to make a successful business? We believe that a taste for excellence derives from a discerning combination of history and innovation, respect for tradition and a vision for the future.

We create professional coffee machines shaped by the skill and enthusiasm of our team. We’re driven by design, manufacturing excellence, respect for the environment and quality coffee. Here at Wega, the fruits of our labour, skills and on-going research are ripened to perfection, offering the perfect destination for quality coffee: a range of electronic, semi-automatic and manual machines able to embody the most authentic essence of Italian espresso.

Foundation of the company by Commendatore Nello Dal Tio of Astoria CMA Group, heir to a long-established brand of the Italian coffee machine tradition

Establishment of the Wega Coffee Machines Division

Launch of the Wega Green Line

Wega Coffee Machines purchased by the Italian holding company Ryoma of Milan, with the aim of strengthening its international positioning and boosting investments in research and development.

Launch of a corporate restyling for Wega on the occasion of the Host fair: a print character based on the shapes of the familiar Wega logo, along with a new colour palette, designed to illustrate the values and the experience of a company ready to face the challenges of the future.


Human Technology

Machines inspired by the human touch

In our constant pursuit of excellence, we’ve realised that behind every perfect cup of coffee there’s a barista, with their extraordinary enthusiasm, dedication and skill. Human Technology is what drives our machines, designed to take the abilities and experience of the barista to the next level.

We create innovative solutions to optimise the coffee extraction process, giving the barista a key role, guaranteeing their creative freedom and enabling a smooth interaction between man and machine. Our mission is to honour and enhance the human essence that goes into each cup of coffee, constantly improving the performance of our machines to offer an extraordinary coffee that embodies the heart and soul of the barista behind it.



The perfect blend of design and technology

Wega machines turn the engineering wisdom of nature into technology, concentrating the aroma of coffee into an aesthetically perfect experience. Our research is currently aimed at designing machines with a low environmental impact, heralded by our Green Line.

Software able to detect and monitor the activity of the machine by automatically selecting the ON, STAND-BY and OFF modes according to the most effective energy strategy.

In addition to saving energy, the multi-boiler technology manages the power of each boiler separately, which improves thermal stability in the dispensing units, enabling perfect extraction.

The nocturnal stand-by function, combined with the MBT and SLS technologies, enables the Wegaconcept to obtain an energy saving of 47.6% on stand-by and 30% when in operation.


Italian, Worldwide

Born in Italy, loved globally

Wega has always been an ambassador of Italian quality and excellence worldwide, undertaking to promote the characteristic value of espresso coffee. Italy is the home of this sophisticated beverage, and the tradition is part of our lifestyle, combining the art of espresso with the pleasure of good company and good coffee.

We respect the cultural nuances and different drinking habits of the various countries, adapting our machines and our philosophy to celebrate the variety of tastes and preferences that characterise the world of coffee. With an approach respectful of local traditions, we aim to spread the culture of Italian espresso coffee, guaranteeing maximum quality and genuine flavour in each cup. Our mission is to share the authentic sense of the Italian tradition, so that a cup of espresso can bring people together.

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