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Technical Specification and Operability

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All models of Wega espresso machines are built on a robust steel chassis, which is electroplated and assembled using stainless steel impact screws. The internal components of the machine are manufactured from copper, brass, and aluminum alloy ensuring a long and reliable life span.

The exterior body work is made from bright steel, either painted and finished with a clear coat, or polished chrome. Additional materials include stainless steel, polished or brushed, and polycarbonate panels either painted and lacquered, or finished in bright chrome or gold.

The functionality of all Wega machines is obtained by utilizing the thermosyphonic heating of the E-61 group head via heat exchangers passing through the boiler. This technology is crucial for providing temperature stability which allows more consistent quality in the cup. This to system has allowed Wega become one of the most trusted espresso machine manufacturers in Europe, and in fact, 1 of every 4 machines sold in Italy is a Wega espresso machine.